Live Music Photographer Bristol


Yesterday I got asked last min to photograph an event at the Colston Hall,‪ ‎Bristol‬ for the Asian Arts Agency as their photographer dropped out. The show was Sain Zahoor Ahmad, a Sufi street musician from Pakistan. “I was seven years old when I started seeing a hand which would emerge from a grave in my dreams…” After this recurring dream as a child, Sain Zahoor devoted his life to singing at shrines and soon gained a cult following. Sain sings kafi, which are solo, song-like verses of Sufi poets. In 2006 he was the winner of for BBC World Music Award.

The performance was truly beautiful and mesmerising. But then – during the encore – words can not describe how crazy things got. After everyone getting up out of their chairs to dance, a stage invasion erupted. Men began to shower Sain Zahoor with money. £10 and £20 notes flooded the stage. Then at the end people surrounded the stage waiting to kiss Sain’s hand.

What an amazing night! Being a concert photographer in Bristol, there is nothing better then being asked to photograph live music events #‎ForeverInLoveWithLiveMusic‬!