Benjamin Robert Muir : Photographer and Videographer
 Ben @ Benjamin Robert Muir .com

I shoot people.
With my calm and patient personality, I specialise in helping people to relax, especially those who don’t normally feel comfortable or confident in-front of the camera, and then I simply capture them at their best. I put time into finding out what my clients want but more importantly need, then deliver high quality professional images.

I shoot; portraits for everyone, weddings for people in love, corporate headshots for business professionals, model portfolios for beginners, music photography and video for the musically talented, sexy boudoir photography for private and professional clients, promotional media for charities, family photography for my friends and family, and creative personal projects for myself.

I was born in Exmouth, UK. When I was 5 I got my first camera which had a tiger on the front. In the 90’s I snapped 24 images at a time, then in the 00’s I entered the world of digital and I taught myself PhotoShop. My passions for skateboarding and music lead me to creating images for magazines and album cover artwork. At Exeter college I fell in love with portraiture and spent 12 hours a day in the dark room learning how to develop like Man Ray.  At the University of Sunderland I I deepened my understanding of the Language of Photography and produced conceptual work for exhibitions. After uni I spent 3 years living in the Alps shooting snowboarders in the winters, and returning in the summers to exhibit art works across the UK. In 2012 I set up base in Bristol. In Bristol my business really exploded. I worked with the most amazing and talented people. Models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, musicians, singers, DJs, artists, designers, painters, poets, writers, actors, teachers, lawyers, chefs, fashion designers, florists, filmmakers, mothers, lovers, doctors, and Big Issue sellers. I chaired corporate network breakfasts, ran photography workshops, helped update Kylie Minogue’s website, worked in big photography studios and set up my own little portrait studio.
After 5 years in Bristol, I embarked on an African adventure for several months. While living in Kenya, I spent most of my time filming promotional videos for Educate The Kids, a independent charity that helps the poorest children with education in schools and safety in an orphanage.
In 2017 I moved to Barcelona. Since then I have been shooting a lot more with natural light, and using the beach as my office. I had a solo exhibition in the Gothic Quarter and have been helping even more musicians, artists, poets, actors, and models with photography and video.

Wherever I lay my camera bag, thats my home.
I am currently based between Barcelona, Bristol and Exmouth. I love to travel and love that my work allows me to do so. My work has taken me to shoot weddings in Mexico, film jazz legends in Paris, exhibitions in Newcastle, charity videos in Mombasa, a rap artist on the rooftops of Marrakesh, and luckily weddings in England always brings me home to see my family throughout the year.

When I don’t have a camera in my hands, I currently enjoy; being a climbing frame for my nieces and nephews, cooking, acroyoga, life drawing, history, wine, cheese, board games, and spending time at the beach.

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