How to pose for a portrait photo-shoot


Too many people say to me – before they have a photo-shoot – that “they don’t like having their photo taken”, or that “they aren’t very photogenic”.
I believe that the key to being a good portrait photographer is making sure everyone  leaves the photo-shoot smiling, saying they had the best time and that they love the photos of themselves.
There are loads of tips, tricks, and photography secrets in achieving this in every photo-shoot. The most important thing is making sure the subject/model is feeling comfortable and relaxed in-front of the camera. Photographing people being naturally confident is at the heart of every one of my portraits.
If you are a photographer and searching for some great tips on how to take better photos, NY/LA based photographer Peter Hurley has some brilliant YouTube videos explaining how to direct models in into more flattening poses. Find them by clicking here.
If you are looking for a Bristol photographer to get some great portraits, get in contact by clicking here.