Business headshots for Linked In

Business headshot for Linked In - Simon Law - Financial
Linked In is a great platform for business, it’s invaluable for B2B networking, and the best way to show off your professional expertise. After building up your Linked-In Profile – with great content, endorsements and recommendations – you need to finish it off with a professional head shot. That “nice photo of you at that wedding” (normally with a drink) or a selfie from your iPhone just wont cut it if you want your clients to see you as a professional.

Here is a recent headshot from a studio photo-shoot with Bristol based financial adviser, Simon Law. Simon told me his business “is all about trust”, so like most of my clients Simon needed a portrait of himself to look friendly and approachable. Simon is a professional at Mortgage & Protect – and not a professional model – so like 95% of clients, he wasn’t in his comfort zone with a camera pointing at his face. This is where my expertise comes in.

Making my models feel relaxed and comfortable is my biggest aim during every photo-shoot.
Without achieving this I would not be able to capture natural smiles, showing you at your best.
The best way to create this relaxed atmosphere is to simply not take photos. 80% of the time during a headshot photo-shoot should be spent talking, drinking tea or coffee and building up rapport. Not only is it great is know about what makes my clients smile, I also need to understand everything about their business. From the clients they want to work with, to their business identity and branding.

In the end – not only was Simon Law happy, I was told that Mrs Law couldn’t find a fault with the portrait – so I count that as a win.