Beautiful wedding photography in Devon, Bristol, and now Barcelona.

The sunset Kiss. Couple photos. Beautiful wedding photography photographers in Exmouth, Bristol, South West. English photographer in Barcelona, Spain

Super excited, as the sun is out and wedding season has begun.

Huge congratulations to Rachael & Jim, who got married in Bromsgrove near Birmingham last weekend. Their wedding day was beautiful with clear blue skies all day. Massive thanks to them both for asking me to photograph their big day, as well as letting me drag them away to the fields just in time for this sunset shot.

It is rare that when planning your wedding day timetable and schedule that couples remember to leave enough time to spend creating beautiful couple photos. Weather its having the time to go to a beautiful location away from the party, or just simply allowing enough time for you to relax and not feel rushed from such a busy day.

If your couple photos are important to you, then it is important to schedule enough time to do them properly. For me they are my favourite part of wedding photography and the images I find the most beautiful, and which will be treasured the most throughout the ages. 45mins is a good amount of time to allow for your wedding couple photoshoot.

This shot was actually taken after the time allocated for the couple photos. But with the location of the wedding, and the perfect sunset, it was something we couldn’t miss on the day. The kiss looks like a staged pose, but it was actually a natural candid photo where I just left the bride and groom to have 5mins to themselves while I photographed them from afar with a canon 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens. With the perfect lighting situation during the ‘golden hour’, there was not much I could do to improve this image with postproduction editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Booking for 2018 are starting to get filled up so be sure to contact good wedding photographers as soon as you have your date and venue booked. I am available to shoot Beautiful wedding photography in any location. If you are searching for wedding photographers in Exmouth, Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, South West, then feel free to get in contact. I am now available for marriages who need a wedding photographer in Barcelona, Spain. Based in the Catalonia area, I can travel around Europe. English photographer in Barcelona, Spain.